The Cornerstone Solutions Team

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Cornerstone Solutions was founded in 2004. After a few years of creating bespoke software solutions for various industries, Cornerstone shifted focus to the photoSentinel long term time-lapse system, a hardware and Software as a Service solution used by hundreds of photographers around the world. We are proud to be a world leader in long-term time-lapse while remaining distinctly Australian Made.

Cornerstone Solutions is guided by a vision to create positive global change through beautiful world-class experiences. We strive to create excellent products and services that contribute to the greater good of the global community.

Andrew Harrison
Founder and President
With a strong background in mechanical engineering, founder Andrew leads our growing team in tackling an ever-widening scope of challenges. Andrew has taken Cornerstone's flagship product, photoSentinel, from a back-of-an-envelope concept six years ago to a high-quality product favoured by professional content creators worldwide.
David Accadia
Chief Technical Officer
As the head of research and development, David overseas everything from the electronics to the software engineering of the photoSentinel range.
John Wickstead
Technical Support Officer
A strong background in IT security and application support, as well as great customer service skills, make John the perfect guy to answer customers' technical questions.
Bree Waldron
Artistic Director
Bree brings her design flair to every corner of Cornerstone, from producing high quality promotional materials to working on the usability of our GUIs.
Russell Smith
Software Manager
Overseeing our software development team, Russell has a wealth of experience in team change management, quality control and Agile implementation. Russell drives continuous improvement in our user experience, while at at the same time ensuring our behind-the-scenes software keeps running smoothly. He’s also one of the top Moodle developers in the world.
Matt Salter
Production Manager
With a passion for delivering the best user experience, Matt manages our production team as well as producing support materials.
Nathan Ruiz
Software Developer
Nathan's familiarity with a range of development tools and programming languages is much valued at Cornerstone, where he is often tasked with finding creative ways to solve technical challenges.
Robert Ray
Sales Executive
Robert handles all our new sales enquiries, answering every sort of question thrown at him by customers from all over the world.
Nick Price
Production Assistant, Dispatch
Nick is our dispatch ninja and a fount of knowledge about all the import quirks of the different countries we ship to.
David Murray
Software Development Engineer
Passionate about developing software to a high standard, David is a key member of Cornerstone's software engineering team and manages the design, development, testing and deployment of major software projects, including the photoSentinel webapp.
Thomas Morris
Support and Development Engineer
Thomas contributes to the product development and support team, working on both new and existing products. Applying his advanced manufacturing training, Thomas has played a significant part in many of the core mechanical engineering components destined for future products.
James Lo
Software Development Lead
Bringing with him a decade of full-stack development experience, James is responsible for the underlying architecture of our software projects, as well as mentoring and overseeing other developers.
Aaron Landreth
Sales Manager
Aaron juggles enquiries from all over the world and can be found on the phone at any time of the day or night talking to customers in every timezone. He leads the sales team and is continuously working to improve sales reporting and processes.
James Lamont
Technical Support Manager
James leads the photoSentinel technical support team, as well as working to ensure all Cornerstone's IT systems and networks are running smoothly.
Lachlan Kingsford
Software Development Engineer
With a passion for well-tested and well-documented code, Lachlan enjoys bringing his broad skill set to Cornerstone's software engineering.
Rachel Green
Administrative Assistant
Rachel looks after all things administrative at Cornerstone, successfully streamlining and simplifying administration processes for internal operations.
Amirali Gostar
RMIT Research Fellow
Amir brings along his experience working with image processing techniques to help create intelligent systems and facilitate deep learning to take Cornerstone's technology to the next level.
Keith Fan
Production Manager
From purchasing parts to dispatching new units, Keith is in charge of the photoSentinel production line and managing the operational processes that keep things running smoothly.
Michael Ellis
Software Trainee
Bringing along a fresh perspective as a recent graduate, Michael has been involved with improving many of Cornerstone's online software systems.
Paul Deroon
Technical Engineer
A part of the future product team, Paul is primarily involved with the mechanical design of products, ensuring they are ergonomic, sturdy and fit for full-scale production.
Joshua Collins
Assistant Engineer
A master of silicon and circuit boards, Josh helps engineer the photoSentinel system and is invovled in a range of other R&D projects.
J.D. Bonner
Sales Executive / Business Analyst
Perpetually in pursuit of process improvements, JD is tasked with finding solutions to streamline and optimise internal operations, and applying his MBA in order to give customers a seamless user experience.
Jonathan Bertuch
Production Assistant
Jonathan is closely involved with the manufacturing process, being responsible for the assembly and testing of photoSentinel units. He also applies his mechanical engineering skills and inquisitive problem solving mind to the design-for-manufacture of future products.